Glowing Pigs International

Glowing Pigs International

Glowing Pigs International
Why Glowing Pigs?

The first thing most of our clients ask us is why we are called Glowing Pigs International. In 2008 a group of Beijing scientists altered a single gene in a pig, causing the pig to glow fluorescent green (read article).  When the pig gave birth, its offspring also glowed green, proving that a single altered gene had permanently altered future generations.  

At GPI we recognize that small changes in technology can bring huge transformations to businesses.  Over the past decade new technologies have blurred the lines separating business, communications and entertainment. GPI provides services that help businesses cope with these changes and plan for future ones.

GPI is itself a hybrid technology and entertainment company.  In addition to providing strategic and technology services, we administer the catalogs of a number of fine songwriters and artists.  In other words, we know firsthand the challenges that businesses face. 

Expertise In...

We can review your business processes and help you to streamline workflow, automate tasks, and organize data to increase productivity and reduce overhead.

Nowadays, all information is mobile. We can help you plan and execute your mobile device strategy, and build mobile apps that will extend your business to clients on the go.

We have years of experience developing licensing systems that provide seamless access to information about the properties you own, while providing a balance between strict company standards and the flexibility required to respond to changing consumer environments.

We are experts at building systems that store intellectual property information.   We can advise you on the best way to classify and store your intellectual property information so that you have instant access to information you need for tracking, legal issues, licensing and contracts, while maintaining maximum flexibility and scalability.

We can help you find the best collaboration tools to keep all of your departments and territories in touch, reducing the need for expensive travel.

We have experience customizing sales and contact management systems such as

We have expertise in classifying and storing audio and video and compiling the metadata required to search for these items.

Increasingly, companies are standardizing their contracts to comply with regulations. Retaining a balance between company standards and the flexibility to negotiate can be a difficult process that we can help you through.